Reasons You’ll Adore Our Stain-proof, Heavy Residential Hermes Carpet Range

October 27, 2021

At Top Carpets and Floors, you will find no lack of unyielding commitment to our appreciated customers. From the services we provide to the flooring solutions we supply, you can count on us to ensure only the best quality. One range we are proud to stock is the exceptional Hermes range from our Designer Collection. What makes this range a standout flooring option is that it provides a high-style aesthetic appeal while maintaining its heavy residential classification. The defining feature of the range, is of course, how well it withstands stains, making it perfect for busy households and large families. Want to know more about this stylish collection? Keep reading below.

Options Within the Hermes Range

The tufted cut pile Hermes range was created with heavy residential settings in mind. It is, therefore, perfect for areas of the home that receive a lot of foot traffic every day, such as walkways, corridors, staircases or the living room. There are three products in the Hermes range – Bravo, Delta, and Tango. All three products feature cross-over colours that allow homeowners to use the same shade in different rooms depending upon their carpeting weight needs.

  • Bravo: The Bravo option was designed for those who enjoy the comfort and top performance of heavy residential flooring. Its thickness is 13,5 mm.
  • Delta: Our Delta design features a total thickness of 12,0 mm and makes a great addition to bedrooms and spaces of luxury.
  • Tango: The Tango has a thickness of 9,0 mm and is an extra heavy-duty option with superb appearance retention properties.

Superior Stain-proof Features

People love plush carpets because of the luxury they introduce to most spaces – but many fear the care and maintenance involved. One small accident, like spilling a glass of red wine or having a pet track mud into the room, can ruin some carpets. The Hermes range, however, is different. It is not merely stain-resistant, but completely stain-proof. This is because it is manufactured from Stainproof SDN (Solution Dyed Nylon-6) and materials that can be cleaned with bleach and acetone – so you will not have to ruin your installation trying to get a small spill out.

Hermes Carpet Range

It’s Fade-proof too

We all know that too much exposure to UV rays and foot traffic over the years can cause a carpet to lose colour. This issue is a thing of the past with the Hermes range, however. The fibres will not show a significant change in colour vibrancy due to sunlight exposure or atmospheric contaminants for up to 20 years. For more on this warranty, be sure to ask us.

A 15-year Wear Warranty

The Hermes range boasts a 15-year wear warranty that applies when the product is installed and maintained correctly. This warranty promises that the range will retain at least 90% of its pile fibre for up to 15 years when used in residential settings. For commercial settings, this warranty falls to seven years.

An Anti-allergenic Option

For homes with children or household members who are prone to allergies, the Hermes range has anti-allergenic properties that help to keep the sniffles at bay. This high-quality collection will not shed or pill, and it is resistant to mould and mildew that may cause health and respiratory issues. When vacuumed regularly, dust, animal fur and dander are all easy to keep out of your home.

Other benefits of the Hermes range are that it is anti-static, suitable for installation over stairs, suitable for underfloor heating and is easy to care for. It is also manufactured using environmentally responsible materials and methods and is, therefore, GreenTag certified.

Hermes Carpet Range

Caring for and Maintaining Your Hermes Designer Collection Carpet

When it comes to cleaning your carpet after a mess, you want to work as quickly as possible. It is important to clear away as much of the substance as you can without rubbing it into the carpet. Blot wet stains with a white paper towel from the outside to stop them spreading, and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using acetone or bleach on specific kinds of stains.

Frequent vacuuming is also essential as it prevents dust and debris from accumulating and damaging the carpet over time. Aim to vacuum heavy traffic areas daily with a high-suction vacuum cleaner without a beater brush. If the carpet appears dirty or dull despite vacuuming it, it is likely time for a professional cleaning. Be sure to invest in an annual, professional hot water extraction in order to retain your warranty.

Caring for your carpet the right way will ensure that the product lasts a long time and will not need replacing any time soon. This will also benefit the look and feel of the carpet in the long run.

If you are interested in a stylish heavy residential carpet range designed for households on the go, then Hermes is ideally suited to you.

To find out more about this range, or how to get a professional quote on your product and installation, feel free to contact our team today.

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