The Leading Affordable Carpet Installers in Your Area

March 26, 2020

Who does not enjoy digging their toes into a soft, plush carpet? Well, the great news is that carpets have been making a comeback in recent years and they are, in fact, one of the hottest home décor trends for 2020. Thanks to updated technology and manufacturing techniques, carpets are more durable, softer and more stylish than ever. Even better news is that it is not only the carpets themselves that have improved, but installation techniques have also become a lot more health conscious.

Professional Installers

Top Carpets and Floors was formed in 1988 – over three decades ago – and has ever since focussed on delivering a service that is built around the needs of our customers. This has quickly led to us becoming the leading provider of home flooring solutions in South Africa, ranging from the supply of quality, affordable carpet and flooring options to being one of the most sought-after installers. Today, we boast more than 130 stores and showrooms nationwide.

With such a wide reach and outstanding reputation, it should come as no surprise that we install more than 100 000 floors across the country every year. All of this experience has taught us a lot and has allowed us to expand the service we deliver as affordable carpet installers in order to add more value to your life and to help you protect the wellbeing of your family.

Discover Healthier Living Installations by Top Carpets and Floors

That’s right, there is a healthier way to install floors, and it’s brought to your first by South Africa’s favourite affordable carpet installers. We start by very carefully removing your existing flooring to prevent microbes and allergens from becoming airborne. The floor is then vacuumed with a high filtration vacuum cleaner to remove said microbes and allergens.

Once this is done, the floor surface is treated with BioGuard Pro to disinfect it and diminish any traces of allergens, mould, mildew and bacteria. Next, an antimicrobial Spillguard underlay is installed in the place of a regular underlay. This helps to inhibit the growth of mould, mildew and odour-causing bacteria. It is also hypo-allergenic and moisture-resistant to keep spills from seeping through.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Another reason why we’re South Africa’s favourite affordable carpet installers is the fact that we provide excellent guarantees. We know what a big decision flooring upgrades are, and we strive to make it as stress-free as possible for you by offering you the following guarantees:

  • 10-Day Colour Guarantee: Not sure about the colour of your choice? Contact us within 10 days of installation and we’ll replace it with any colour in the same range. You will only pay for the installation of the new carpets.
  • 2-Year Installation Guarantee: Our team of professional carpet installers are experts at what they do. We’re so confident that we guarantee their workmanship for two years.
  • R1 Million Installation Guarantee: We have undertaken a pledge to conform to all installation procedures as determined by the manufacturer or supplier of the applicable product. This is the guarantee that we will maintain these standards.
  • Product Guarantee: We sell products that have been properly vetted, and for which the manufacturers and/or suppliers offer guarantees and warranties.
  • Healthier Living Installation Guarantee: This applies to the application of the pre-installation antimicrobial BioGuard treatment and the Spillguard underlay.

Shop online

Start your journey in the comfort of your own home. Browse our great selection of quality, affordable carpets, and make use of our Room Visualizer to get an idea of what your choice will look like. Choose your favourite and let our expert carpet installers do the rest.

Remember, if you are looking for the best affordable carpet installers in your area, contact Top Carpets and Floors today.

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