8 Hot Designer Trends in Commercial Flooring in 2018

September 3, 2018

The commercial flooring industry is an exciting space today and manufacturers are really excelling at providing customers with more style, luxury, durability and performance than ever before. Of course, it is important that the floors you choose are practical, functional and easy to maintain, but this does not mean you cannot also have beautiful on-trend flooring that really makes a statement. At Top Carpets and Floors, we can provide you with exactly that.

With commercial settings being far more than just a place of business today, designers are pushing to create experiences and lasting impressions, which will keep people coming back. They are using clever flooring styles and designs to achieve this.

The 8 Trends

1) Rectangular tiles and digital graphic applications.
2) Colour and texture continue to dominate user perceptions.
3) Mixing timeless elements with unique, modern twists.
4) Developers and designers still love laminate flooring because of its unrivalled ability to emulate hardwoods and other natural materials at a fraction of the cost. Manufacturers are continuing to impress and improve designs when it comes to laminate floors.
5) Eco-friendly flooring and sustainability are priorities and good environmental practices are shining through in all varieties of commercial flooring.
6) Wide-plank flooring is in high demand. Distressed designs, or those in contrasts of dark and bleached tones in laminate or luxury vinyl tile, are also doing very well in the market.
7) Scratch-resistant, low-maintenance commercial flooring is high in demand. Laminates, luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planks all tick these boxes. They are highly sought-after, especially in medical and healthcare facilities. Most laminates are also water-resistant, which is also a huge plus in these settings where frequent cleaning takes place.
8) Carpeting remains a firm favourite, especially carpet tiles because they can easily be replaced without affecting the carpet in the entire area.

Without stretching your budget, you can create a truly unique impression on your customers with the right type of flooring.

Do not get swept away in trends and forget about functionality though. If you want a floor to last and be beautiful for years to come, you must install the right type of flooring for the setting. Style and resilience must go hand in hand.

You must also be selective about which supplier you choose to partner with in realising your vision for a commercial flooring installation. To achieve the right result, you need a company that is reputable and has experience in the industry.

Top Carpets and Floors is a leader in commercial flooring installations and we understand the importance of timelines in commercial installations. No developer or designer can afford to have a commercial flooring project take longer than expected, or for the quality of the workmanship to jeopardise the entire project.

This is why partnering with a professional is so important. Get your flooring project right from the start and you will set the tone for a successful installation that delivers well into the future. Start with Top Carpets and Floors. We can help you find the right flooring for your needs, taste and lifestyle.

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