Designer Collection Noble Traditions: Your Budget-friendly Luxury Wood Laminate

October 27, 2022

Everyone enjoys luxury furnishings – but not every homeowner has the finances to splurge on all the opulent items they would like in their space.

For many, redecorating a home may seem like a constant compromise between quality and price, but we at Top Carpets and Floors do not believe one must be given up for the other.

We know that budget-friendly luxury is ideal – and that is precisely why our selection of flooring products includes designs that balance high-end style with affordability.

A great option is wood laminate flooring, and none embodies budget-friendly luxury as well as the Noble Traditions range from our Designer Collection.

Why Laminate Flooring is Affordable

Wood laminates have been around for decades, and in the time they have been on the market, technological advancements in the design and manufacturing of these products have improved. It was created as an alternative to more expensive options like solid hardwood floors, and it does a great job of emulating real wood. With micro-bevelling, high-quality graphic designs, and textures that faithfully mimic the grain of real wood, luxury laminates are just as aesthetically pleasing as hardwood – without the associated price tag. The fibreboard core means they are easy to manufacture, easy to cut and lightweight while remaining sturdy. Installation is also simpler because most are made with a click-and-lock system that allows the boards to snap into place. This process is not as labour-intensive as other kinds of installations, and therefore, costs less too.

Budget-friendly Luxury with Added Benefits

Apart from being friendly on the wallet and uncomplicated to install, luxury wood laminates also boast several benefits that attract buyers from all over the world. The following are some of the advantages of introducing wood laminate flooring to your home:

· Homeowners have freedom of creativity when it comes to the designs available on the market. Whether you enjoy the paler look of ash wood floors or the deep, warm tones of mahogany, there are wood laminate options available to you that replicate this aesthetic. With so much design versatility, anyone can feature budget-friendly luxury in their home.

  • The floors are not as hard and solid as hardwood is. Wood laminate flooring is usually backed by a foam underlayment which gives the planks an underfoot springiness that absorbs impacts. This added comfort also creates the feeling of luxury.
  • Households who suffer from allergies will enjoy that, despite being budget-friendly, laminate flooring contributes to a healthier home. Dust and allergies are not trapped within the floors and cleaning up the floors is as easy as sweeping or vacuuming the surface. Though many newer designs are resistant to moisture, you will want to avoid using excessive water while mopping or cleaning and avoid installation in areas with high humidity.
  • The protective wear layer and sturdy design of laminates make them very durable, and commercial designs are easily used in high-traffic areas.
  • Homeowners who are seeking budget-friendly, environmentally sustainable alternatives to hardwood flooring will enjoy laminates because they have fibreboard cores.
Wood Laminate

The Noble Traditions Range: Where Luxury Meets Affordability

Distinctive, high-end elegance and reasonable pricing are possible with wood laminate flooring, and products like our Noble Traditions range are standout options. This is a sophisticated, luxury wood laminate range that offers seamless wood visuals and features a square edge profile (non-v-groove). The plank size is 1 261 mm x 192 mm with a plank thickness of 8 mm.

The Noble Traditions range has an AC4 rating. An AC rating refers to the Abrasion Criteria or Class of the planks, and it is a universal standard for grading laminates. This rating gives users and contractors an indication of the durability of their product and how well it performs under certain levels of foot traffic and wear and tear. The rating ranges from AC1 (very light foot traffic for areas like closets or guest bedrooms) to AC6 (for commercial areas that receive heavy foot traffic, such as retail spaces and airports). With its AC4 rating, the Noble Traditions design is ideal for domestic applications, but can also be used for commercial spaces that do not receive heavy traffic. It is a marvellous option for homes with a residential guarantee of 15 years, but it also performs well in workspaces and places like salons and boutiques.

It also comes in eleven exquisite shades ranging from deep browns to sandy golds and ashen greys. Whether you are seeking a warmer, more inviting look, or a cooler, brighter style, this budget-friendly luxury wood laminate product is for you.

If you would like to get an estimate on this product, you can do so online or speak to an expert at one of our branches. You can also get a better idea of how the Noble Traditions range would look in your home by clicking the “See This in My Room” option, which allows you to upload a photo of any space and preview one of our products with our room visualiser. For more budget-friendly options that add sophistication to your home, feel free to get in touch with us today.




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