Beautiful Flooring: Luxury Should Not Be Optional in your Durban Home

February 27, 2018

Flooring manufacturers, from Durban to Johannesburg, are battling to keep up with the demand for luxury vinyl tiles. It is a flooring solution which has taken the residential and retail markets by storm, and there are no signs of its popularity slowing down.

Top Carpets & Floors has branches across the country and we can confirm with confidence that luxury vinyl tiles are a hot trend – even hotter than the hottest Durban curry, one could say! Fortunately for lovers of fine flooring, you will not have to perfect a recipe to impress your future mother-in-law, as luxury vinyl tiles are effortlessly beautiful and impressive. We can almost guarantee that even if all the family were to visit from Durban, nobody will know they are not walking on real hardwood flooring.

Luxury vinyl tiles are one of the most popular residential flooring solutions because they are family friendly. You can be assured of durability and low maintenance, even if you have pets in the home. Luxury vinyl tiles can take a beating with ease. Do not stress about small spills from busy kids or scuffs from furniture or pets, as these are easily treated.

Luxury vinyl tiles offer a home many benefits. However, the main reason your family visiting all the way from Durban will be astounded is at the cost of your beautiful flooring. This is another reason this type of flooring remains such a hot contender in the residential market. You simply cannot beat the price of luxury vinyl tiles.

Some people are set on hardwood or other types of flooring solutions. Our advice is to open your mind to the possibilities with luxury vinyl tiles.

One of the biggest benefits is probably that you can install luxury vinyl tiles in areas where it is not practical to have hardwood floor. It is understandable why so many people install luxury vinyl tiles throughout their homes?

We think this is a great way to decrease the risk of damage caused by unforeseen emergency situations, such as the geyser or a pipe bursting. Imagine the mess if your flooring is not moisture resistant, plus the expense of replacing the flooring afterwards. Take our word for it, luxury vinyl tiles offer a great return on investment, as opposed to flooring that cannot handle moisture at all.

Also think about the resale value of your home. Serious buyers look at flooring, so never be fooled into believing that it does not matter what is underfoot. Flooring matters and in modern homes today, whether you live on the coast in Durban or in the city in Johannesburg, luxury vinyl tiles are a dealmaker when it comes to boosting property value.

Luxury starts underfoot. Give your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch in Durban a call today for the best advice in town!

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