3 Popular Types of Wood Flooring

February 19, 2020

So, you love the look of authentic wood flooring. It’s classy and beautiful, rich and warm, it’s homely and functional. After centuries, it is still beloved by both homeowners and interior designers. But have you seen the price tag that it carries? A real hardwood floor can cost an arm and a leg. And that is just the material and the installation. Then there are the added expenses to cover the maintenance and repairs for everyday wear and tear. As beautiful as it is, it isn’t always the most practical solution for every budget and household.

The great news is that you can still enjoy all the beauty and functionality of authentic wood flooring at a fraction of the cost and effort that is required by the real thing. We live in a wonderful era where technology has evolved to allow us to enjoy products that give us all the benefits we need and want. In fact, modern flooring solutions not only allow you to enjoy the beauty of real wood but also added benefits that cannot be matched by actual wooden floors.

Here is a snapshot of three of the most popular modern wood flooring solutions – all which are available at Top Carpets and Floors in a wide range of colours and designs to suit every taste and space:

Wood Laminate Flooring

This floor covering is usually made with a pressed wood core that is covered with a transparent wear layer to withstand foot traffic, scuffs and stains. In between these two layers is a photographic applique layer that could technically feature any design. Most popular options mimic authentic wooden textures, stone or tiles.

Wood laminate flooring is hygienic, versatile, durable and environmentally friendly. While laminates are damp resistant, some options are more waterproof than others. Talk to an expert at Top Carpets and Floors before choosing a product to make sure it is suitable for your bathroom or kitchen, or opt for one of the more waterproof products below.

Luxury Wood Vinyl Flooring (LVTs)

With a wide range of design options available, Luxury Wood Vinyl is a very popular choice among homeowners. However, it is not only its looks but also its properties that make this such a sought-after option. Instead of a pressed wood core like the laminate option above, this flooring option boasts a plastic core, making it more water-resistant than its counterpart. This is the main difference, which makes LVTs a very popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Similar to laminates, it is very durable and withstands scratches, dents and stains very well, thereby making maintenance an absolute breeze.

Engineered Rigid Vinyl Flooring

There are two types of rigid board flooring available – one with a core made of a stone plastic composite (SPC) and one made with a wood-plastic composite (WPC). These floor types are extremely durable due to the strong core and a scratch-resistant wear layer on top. In fact, they are virtually indestructible, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas and commercial use.

As with Luxury Wood Vinyl flooring, rigid boards are waterproof if cared for correctly, which means they can be used in virtually any room or space. A wide range of wood-look designs is available, adding a stylish flair to your space.

So, whatever your flooring needs are, there is an ideal solution available for you at Top Carpets and Floors at a much more affordable price than hardwood floors. Before you make a decision, feel free to speak to one of our expert team members to help you decide which option is the most suited to your needs. We will happily answer all your questions and provide you with a quote.

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