8 Reason to Choose Vinyl Tiles

May 13, 2020

Decorating or renovating a house or business can be a daunting task. Each decision is a huge commitment – especially when it comes to features such as the flooring. Whatever you choose needs to look good for years to come, plus it needs to do the budget justice. You’re certainly not going to replace the flooring every couple of years. If you currently find yourself facing this choice, allow us to tell you exactly why choosing luxury wood vinyl tiles is the best decision you can make.

Here are the top 8 reasons why luxury wood vinyl tiles are different from other flooring options:

1. The look of real wood… at a fraction of the price

One of the hottest flooring and home design trends today is that of hardwood. Genuine wood and natural materials are stylish and beautiful and add class to any space. The only problem is that genuine hardwood floors are exceptionally expensive and not very easy on the environment. Luxury wood vinyl tiles, on the other hand, are very affordable in comparison while delivering the look of real wood.

2. A variety of designs

There is certainly not only one type of wood – and similarly, you have a choice of a wide variety of designs when it comes to luxury wood vinyl tiles. Whether you prefer a contemporary grey wood look, a warm classic look, or a rustic whitewashed look, you can have whatever your heart desires.

3. Installation is quick and easy

Unlike the installation of a genuine hardwood floor which can take days or even weeks depending on the surface area, luxury wood vinyl tiles are quick and easy to install. In fact, with an experienced team, it can be done within a couple of hours.

4. It requires little maintenance and repairs are easy

This type of flooring is one of the options that require the least amount of maintenance. To keep it clean and shiny, all you need to do is sweep it to remove any dust and dirt, and mop it with warm water from time to time. If anything were to happen in your home that damages the floor, the damaged section can easily be removed and replaced without having to redo the entire floor.

5. It’s suitable for kids and pets

Because luxury wood vinyl tiles are so exceptionally durable – as well as scratch-resistant – it is the perfect flooring choice for households with children and/or pets, or for areas that have to endure high volumes of foot traffic.

6. It’s waterproof

Luxury wood vinyl tiles are exceptionally versatile in terms of use. It is one of the few flooring types that is suitable for use just about anywhere in the house, including your kitchen. This is partly because it is moisture-resistant, which means you do not have to worry about accidental spills.

7. It’s stain-resistant and hygienic

The fact that luxury wood vinyl tiles are so easy to clean and are moisture resistant, makes it a very hygienic flooring choice. In addition, the clear wear layer on top also ensures that the flooring is resistant to stains.

8. Comfort for your feet

Unlike ceramic tiles and concrete flooring, luxury wood vinyl tiles do not get very cold, even in the heart of winter. It is also not as hard and unforgiving, but rather provides a bit of “give”. These factors combined ensure that users enjoy a softer experience and enhanced foot comfort.

Take a moment and browse the great range of luxury wood vinyl tiles available in the Top Carpets and Floors online store. While you’re at it, use the Room Visualizer to get a clearer idea of what your favourite designs will look like in your environment. Have fun with it as you start planning your new space.

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