3 Excellent and Affordable Bathroom Floor Alternatives to Traditional Hardwood

June 21, 2017

Bathrooms are high-traffic spaces that are subjected to the highest moisture levels in the home. The floor surface chosen must therefore be water-resistant, able to handle the traffic, and be impervious to bumps and knocks at the same time. It must also be tight-fitting, to ensure that there are no gaps for moisture to penetrate the floor.

If you love the look and feel of hardwood floors and dream of having such a floor in your bathroom – but you balk at the expenses associated with hardwood bathroom floors – consider vinyl floors instead. In fact, hardwood is not a prudent option for bathroom floors, because of the high moisture content in bathrooms, in addition to the inevitability of water spills. The wood, even if treated, will quickly show the negative effects of moisture. It is virtually impossible to effectively seal off all the gaps between the hardwood planks, so the floor will invariably absorb water over time.

Luxury vinyl has long been a preferred choice for bathroom and kitchen floors, because of its unique waterproof characteristics. Consider three of the versatile and trendy options, which are also suitable for bathroom floors.

Stylish Flagship

It is a luxury vinyl floor that is also eco-friendly and water-resistant. This is the perfect modern vinyl flooring option for the bathroom. It has a long life expectancy and is installed using a puzzle-like “click” system. It is suitable for both light commercial and residential applications. It features a PU anti-bacterial coating and you have the choice between bevelled and non-bevelled designs. Flagship is extremely colour fast and its slip resistance exceeds ADA requirements. You can now have the beauty and magnificence of hardwood floor, but with the resilience and water-resistant properties of a luxury vinyl floor.

Environmentally Friendly Krono Xonic

Another one of the eco-friendly vinyl flooring options, Krono Xonic has been subjected to comprehensive testing, with superb results. This luxury vinyl boasts amazing quality and because it is completely free of plasticisers, it is also fully recyclable. It is covered by a 5-year commercial or 30-year residential warranty, with 40 to 60 different panel designs to choose from. The elegant vinyl floor is installed using the Top Clic® system, for hassle-free installation. It is stain- and imprint-resistant and is suitable for heavy-use indoor areas.

Crystal for Commercial Use

If you are looking for a vinyl floor that can be installed in a commercial bathroom, such as at a healthcare facility or perhaps at a hotel, consider Crystal. It boasts superb waterproof properties and has been designed for easy cleaning. It has an antibacterial protective layer, which also makes it a very hygienic floor option. The floor is made from polyvinyl chloride with foam backing on a fibreglass mat support, giving it the extra resilience needed to handle heavy traffic. It has a heavy commercial grading with a 10-year warranty.

Discuss your particular style and usage requirements with the consultants at Top Carpets & Floors for professional guidance to help you make the right bathroom floor choice.

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