Your Questions About Laminate Flooring Answered

February 14, 2017

Some of the frequently asked questions about laminate flooring available from our Cape Town branches are briefly answered below.

Why is it important to have a perfect sub-floor for installation of laminate flooring?

Though laminate flooring is extremely versatile and certainly easier to install than most permanent floor surfaces, unevenness of the sub-floor will affect the aesthetic appeal of the final result. All debris, contaminants and unevenness must be removed to ensure that the laminate planks can be glued or locked into place without bulging, which eventually can lead to the floor losing its integrity. The floor system is clicked or glued in place and if a plank bulges because of sub-floor unevenness, it provides space for moisture and dirt penetration.

The plank is also not completely locked in place, which leads to a situation where the other planks will eventually push it out, causing a safety hazard. Tight installation is important to prevent openings or seams where dirt, moisture and debris can penetrate or collect. If the sub-floor is uneven, you will not be able to ensure tight installation.

What is a floating floor?

It refers to the laminate floor not being attached to the subfloor – applicable to the click-lock systems.

How durable is laminate flooring and can I install it in a high-humidity environment such as Cape Town?

It is an exceptionally durable floor surface that can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens or high-humidity environments like Cape Town. However, it is essential to choose the appropriate laminate floor for the above purposes. Our floor consultants in Cape Town will be able to show you which types are best suited to the purpose. Laminate floors have protective layers and being made from fibre board, they have more give or bounce than, for instance, solid concrete or hardwood floors. The floors are dimensionally very stable if correctly installed. You don’t risk cracking the floor when something is dropped on it, which is something you always need to keep in mind when installing natural stone floors. The top protective layer helps to keep the floor scratch-free.

How do you clean the laminate flooring?

The protective layer of the floor already protects it against dirt penetration. All you need to do is to wipe or vacuum the floor regularly. You can use damp cleaning, but avoid wet mopping, as it can lead to water ingress.

Why is luxury laminate flooring so popular with interior designers and architects?

Various wood species can be replicated, including cherry, teak, mahogany, birch, oak and maple. Instead of placing more pressure on natural resources, it is now possible to have the same beauty as offered by conventional hardwood floors by installing laminate floors. Variations in texture make it possible to create unique interior spaces, whether you are looking for an antique or rustic look and feel or want a modern smooth-looking surface. More sizes are now available, enabling interior designers to create one-of-a-kind interiors. Embossing has also been improved over the years, making it possible to create visual presentations of knots, textures and grains, adding to the authentic look of the planks. And, most importantly, it is low-maintenance and cost-effective floor solution, but also luxurious and aesthetically appealing.

Where can I get more information?

View the laminate section under Products on our website or visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch in Cape Town where you will be able to view, touch, and inspect the various floor types available from us.

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