Laminates Love KZN Homes

April 20, 2018

Laminates have become increasingly popular and we have seen this type of flooring particularly pique the interest of our KZN customers. Our KZN customers often ask which laminates are best suited to beach houses. It is a good question because not all laminates are right for every environment; some have proven to be better suited to coastal climates than others.

When it comes to laminate flooring, there are various brands available on the market, but not all brands are created equal as you may know. Why then is the brand name so important? For several reasons, but the leading reason why the brand name matters when you are shopping for laminates is quality. Flooring is a big investment and one which should, ultimately, yield a return on investment. You want a brand that stands for quality and innovation; a company that is a major player in the manufacturing of laminates. These are the types of brands we associate with at Top Carpets and Floors.

For KZN homes, we believe Kronoswiss laminates are a great choice. This range of high-quality and innovative flooring is easy to install, durable, stylish and easy to maintain.

An aspect our KZN customers also often ask about as they inquire about laminates is how environmentally friendly the flooring is. Well, with Kronoswiss from Top Carpets and Floors you are assured of, firstly, quality as only the Swiss can produce and, secondly, that all their laminates are made in compliance with current international health and environmental standards.

Another leading brand we stock is Traviata laminates and our KZN branches concur that it is proving to be a very popular choice. They are one of the country’s leading importers and wholesalers of wood flooring products and systems. Easy to install and durable, these laminates boast high-impact resistance and are also made in an environmentally friendly manufacturing facility.

Apart from the quality, what our customers across the country, including KZN, find very appealing is the low maintenance of these beautiful floors. In busy households, the fact that laminates clean so easily is an added bonus. Remember though, less is more when it comes to cleaning with water. Rather use dry cleaning methods and only occasional wet cleaning with specialised mopping products that don’t leave excessive water.

We welcome questions about flooring because, as the largest flooring company in South Africa, we do know what we are talking about. There are certain structural and other aspects pertaining to homes at the coast that need special attention, and flooring is something we highly recommend our KZN customers come along and discuss with us for expert advice.

Our head office is located in Durban, which means that we truly know what the weather is like in KwaZulu-Natal, thereby making us the right choice when you are looking to revamp your home’s flooring and don’t know what to look for. We have laminates for every taste and lifestyle, so come take a look at what we can offer you at your nearest store.

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