Why Laminated Flooring is so Popular with Interior Designers

The look and feel of hardwood floors can be achieved with laminates at a fraction of the cost associated with the installation of conventional hardwood floors. This flooring solution is hygienic, which makes it the perfect solution for environments such as nursery schools, old age homes, offices and homes. Luxury laminate is durable and keeps its lustre for years.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate wood flooring is a floor surface made from several layers of synthetic materials glued together through a special process called lamination. The end product looks similar in appearance to wood, but while the hardwood floor consists entirely of wood, the laminate surface consists of artificial materials. The installation of the latter helps to reduce the pressure on natural resources.

The top layer of the laminate consists of a photographic appliqué, which gives it the appearance of wood. The process is done professionally, thus ensuring an end result that is strikingly similar in appearance to hardwood flooring. On top of the photographic appliqué is a transparent protective layer, which is what makes the floor scratch resistant. The core part of the laminate consists of a combination of fibre board and melamine resin.

How is it Packaged?

The laminate flooring is packaged as sets of planks. The floor is installed using a click-in system to connect the planks together. In some instances, the flooring requires special glue for the bottom part to glue the laminates to the surface beneath.

What is the Underlay?

It is a special underlayment or sub-surface which provides a moisture barrier. It also acts to create a sound insulation system to reduce the noise of walking on the laminate flooring. The underlay is installed on top of the original floor surface, with the laminates on top of the underlay.

How is Laminate Graded

Laminate flooring is graded according to factors such as static load capacity, light resistance, stain resistance, thickness, swell resistance, water resistance, surface bond, scratch resistance, and bump or indentation resistance.

Why Choose Laminates Over Hardwood?

Laminates are available in various colours and patterns, making it possible for interior designers to create unique indoor spaces at affordable prices. Laminates are luxurious and aesthetically appealing. Many types of woods and styles can be replicated, and it is this versatility which has added to the popularity of the product amongst homeowners and interior designers alike.

Laminated wood flooring is, apart from its elegant look and feel, appreciated for its ease of cleaning. In most instances, daily cleaning with a broom or vacuum is all that is needed to keep the floor looking beautiful.

If you are looking for a truly durable, elegant, affordable, easy to install and maintain, and versatile flooring solution for your home or office, then laminated wood flooring as available from Top Carpets & Floors is the best choice by far.

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