What does it cost to install carpeting

What Does it Cost to Install Carpeting?

What Does it Cost to Install Carpeting? We Explore Important Factors

For centuries, carpets have been a popular floor covering in various spaces. In modern times, we see them in both residential and commercial settings, and they remain a sought-after solution when it comes to opulence and aesthetic appeal.

Carpets show no sign of falling out of trend any time soon, and homeowners still view them as a luxurious option that adds warmth and comfort to a room.

Today’s leading brands also offer more options than ever before, which allows homeowners to choose a product that accommodates their home’s furnishings and decor.

In addition, there are several pile types from which to choose, and selecting the right kind depends on one’s needs. The main question most people ask is how much it will cost to install carpeting throughout their home or business. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question because every installation is different. Several factors influence the cost of installing carpeting, and we can help you understand these aspects.

Install carpeting in bedrooms

The Better the Quality, the Better the Benefits

Every kind of flooring solution has its own set of benefits and drawbacks and carpeting is no different.

A major reason why people hesitate to install carpeting is that they believe that it may not be durable enough to withstand the traffic in their homes. Many newer designs, however, boast exceptional resistance to stains and wear and tear.

Apart from how beautiful it looks, the benefits of a high-quality wall-to-wall carpet installation include:

  • Comfort and cosiness: The soft, plush comfort that carpets add to a room is undeniable. It provides cushioning that feels better to walk and sit on and is great for places such as the lounge or bedroom.
  • Better safety: Carpets have more grip underfoot, and small children and elderly individuals are not as prone to falling on them. Falls are also less likely to result in injuries as the carpet fibres absorb and create a softer impact.
  • Added warmth: Carpeting adds an extra layer of insulation to a room, which reduces heat loss and helps to maintain ambient warmth. During winter, this can also contribute to a household’s energy savings because less heating is needed.
  • Great for allergies: People assume that because carpets trap dust better than other flooring types, they make allergies worse. The opposite is true, however, as trapping allergens like dust and dander keeps these particles out of the air. Vacuuming the carpet often means these allergens are removed from the home.
  • A quieter option: Soft surfaces absorb sound better than hard surfaces, which is why choosing carpeting is a good idea in homes where there tends to be a lot of noise. Many homeowners add carpeting on staircases and in bedrooms due to how quiet it is underfoot.

The higher the quality of carpet you choose, the better are your chances of reaping the benefits and enjoying durable longevity too. This also influences the cost, though, and homeowners must decide on a budget that best suits them.

bedroom carpet

How Do-it-yourself Projects Can Cost More

If you wish to install carpeting, professionals are always recommended. Unlike floating floors and other solutions that make for simpler DIY projects, carpets can be rather challenging to install without a hitch.

Doing it on your own runs the risk of excess wastage, ripples in the floor, visible seams and the carpet lifting at the edges. Expensive, specialised tools are required for preparing the subfloor and ensuring that the installation fits the room perfectly.

Professional installers will also assist you with choosing a suitable underlay which will affect the final cost too. Common underlays can be made from rubberlay (recycled car tyres), PU (polyurethane) foam, felt and polyethylene. During the installation, the labour cost is influenced by how easily the property can be accessed. Flights of stairs or rooms with a lot of heavy furniture can be contributing factors as they require more time and effort to install carpeting.

While it may seem like opting for professional assistance is the more expensive option, it is more affordable in the long run as it will last for years to come.

An Exciting Range of Options

While the size and shape of the room requiring an installation will influence the cost, so will the brand and design of the carpet you choose. Thankfully, we at Top Carpets and Floors have a collection of phenomenal carpeting solutions to suit any sense of style and budget. Whether you are seeking a high-end option or wish to install a more affordable carpet, we can help.

We will Assist You with a Custom Quote

Estimating the cost to install carpeting is difficult, which is why we will send out our highly qualified team to assess the space and create a custom quote for you. During this consultation, we will measure the area and evaluate what needs to be done in terms of the subfloor preparation. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from the project.

If you would like to find out more about our services, exceptional range of carpets, or how much your dream installation will cost, be sure to get in touch today.

Download our free Carpet, Laminate & LVT Pricing Guide to take you through the process of costing as it relates to flooring.

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