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5 Ways with Your Laminate Flooring

There are only a handful of flooring products that bridge the gap between affordability and quality – and wood laminates are a fantastic example.

These have been around for decades and yet, manufacturers have found ways to ensure their increase in popularity over the years.

Though laminates are often confused with engineered wood, they are not made from real wood piles, but rather, fibreboard cores topped with a realistic print and wear layer.

This year, many up and coming floor trends include wood-look products such as laminates.

Fortunately, we at Top Carpets and Floors are home to a wide array of phenomenal solutions that cater to these local and international design trends. If you are looking for innovative ways to use laminate flooring, then this article is for you.

Ways with Laminate Flooring

The Benefits Are Undeniable

As one of the most budget-friendly flooring products, one would expect wood laminates to be of lower quality. While there are various kinds of laminates – from cheap options to high-end alternatives – it is generally considered one of the toughest types of flooring. It is often used in various ways in high-traffic retail spaces, such as malls, stores and even restaurants. It is particularly popular in residential and office settings due to features such as:

  • ·The manufacturing processes make the planks highly durable and hardwearing.
  • Low-maintenance surfaces that are easy to keep clean and maintain.
  • Installation that is easier, quicker and cheaper.
  • Design variety that allows customers to choose between multiple looks and trends.
  • Resistance to scratches, abrasion and water.
  • Eco-friendly designs that do not make use of harmful chemicals, heavy metals or pesticides.
  • A sustained look and feel for years to come.

There are several ways to use laminate flooring throughout your property, and the following are just five prime examples of how you don’t have to stick to traditional flooring solutions.

5 Ways with Laminate Flooring

1. Try Out Various Textures and Styles

Some people have it in their minds that affordable wooden floors must always be made in a brass-yellow, pine shade. One reason why laminate flooring is so popular is that they allow customers to choose between a vast variety of shades, hues and textures. Textured laminates are popular this season, as more and more customers are not just seeking that authentic “wood” look, but feel too. Laminates can also emulate the look and feel of other materials, such as tile and stone. Textured laminate flooring that has been embossed (usually matching the grooves with the printed image’s grain) offers a hyper-realistic product that looks just like wood but comes at a fraction of the cost.

2. You Can Experiment with Patterns

There are several ways to install laminate floors, not just beside each other in long, vertical strips. The parquet chevron pattern is popular in 2022, as it adds interest to ordinary planks. By cutting the boards at an angle and adjoining them in “V” shapes, the chevron pattern looks like long rows of arrows that zig-zag across the floor. Another trendy pattern this season is the herringbone, which is similar to the chevron pattern but is cut at a different angle that creates organised asymmetry and movement in a space that needs some sprucing up. One can also opt for different hues of the same kind of plank when laying out these patterns as it offers a pleasing contrast to the eye.

Laminate Flooring

3. Wide Planks Are Back and Bigger than Ever

As a trend, wide planks are going to be around for the foreseeable future. When it comes to hardwood floors, longer, narrower planks are the norm. The ways in which laminates are made, however, allow manufacturers to create wide planks that are quickly becoming a classic staple throughout properties all over the world. Wider planks have a few benefits. Firstly, they are easier to install as there are fewer planks to work with. Second, they show more of the image print, including the grain and knots, which are details that add to their charm. Lastly, wider planks in lighter shades will make smaller spaces appear larger and more open.

4. Laminate Flooring Is Not Just for Floors

While customers know there are many ways to use laminate flooring, they don’t often imagine that they can be used on walls too. Their versatility allows homeowners to go vertical with laminates, creating fun accent walls, headboards, and even kitchen splashbacks. They can even be used on ceilings to bring more of that wooden look into the home.

5. Repurpose Any Extra Laminate Boards

Upcycling any old or extra planks you have is also easy. Turn them into shelves, office chair mats, or small do-it-yourself crafts such as picture frames and serving trays. You can also use them to update old furniture, by gluing them over an old dining table or work desk. Create “Welcome Home” signs, use them for wainscoting the bottom half of your walls, or cut them up for use as coasters – the creative opportunities are endless.

For wood-look laminates that add a touch of natural elegance to your home, look no further than our superior range here at Top Carpets and Floors.

If you would like a custom quote, or just wish to chat to a professional on all the ways you can use laminate flooring (even if you enjoy DIY projects), get in touch with us here.

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