Interior Design Trends Are Greener Than Ever with Laminates

Environmental protection, minimisation of energy consumption, and following sustainable practices in the manufacturing of building materials are all trends which now dominate the interior design and construction industries. These trends are expected to continue well into the 21st Century and Kronoswiss flooring, a well-known Swiss flooring company, has taken note.

As a European laminate flooring firm, Kronoswiss manufactures their laminates in an environmentally friendly facility. The durability of the floors helps to eliminate the need to replace the surfaces every five or six years. This helps to reduce the impact of human development on the environment. With guarantees of up to 25 years on some of their products, Kronoswiss demonstrates why Swiss flooring is considered as the epitome of superior quality and in line with the requirements of the European laminate floor industry standards.

More and more architects and interior designers opt for laminates as floor surfaces because laminate flooring is sustainable and environmentally friendly for several reasons.
Made from wood which is harvested in a sustainable manner, the impact on natural resources is kept to a minimum. The decorative prints are mostly applied to material, of which a large portion comes from recycled sources. The inks used are often water-based and with packaging mostly made from recycled materials, while the binding resins also have a low environmental impact. Companies and residential homeowners opting for laminates are therefore doing their part by promoting sustainability in the interior design industry.

With an increased demand for compliance with ISO 14001 requirements, companies ensure that the materials used in the construction of buildings have a minimal impact on the environment. Laminates, because of their environmentally friendly character and durability, enable firms to comply with building and environmental standards in a cost-effective manner.

If well maintained, Swiss laminate flooring can last 10-25 years and even longer, thus making laminates one of the surfaces with the best durability. To ensure longevity, it is important to select the appropriate class for the particular area. The installation of laminates that can handle high or harsh foot traffic must be considered for commercial applications and the hallways of houses.

With it being possible to replace damaged boards without the need to remove and replace the entire floor surface, which is often the case with carpets, the homeowner or building occupant saves on costs. In addition, it results in a lower impact on the environment, as the replacement of an entire room’s flooring means purchasing more materials and carbon emission will be created during the transportation of the materials.

The easy click-lock system of Kronoswiss flooring helps to make the above possible. Time, labour and resource savings can thus be attained when buying laminates from the Swiss brand.
Apart from environmental sustainability, laminates are also expected to dominate the flooring product category because of their versatility in design textures. People want uniqueness in a world of mass production. Although they still want the beauty of wood, they don’t want to place more pressure on natural resources.

Laminates use the replications of a wide range of wood patterns, thus ensuring the authenticity in the interior. It is possible to get almost unlimited variations of oak, beech, walnut, cherry, teak, rosewood, and maple patterns and shades, thereby enabling interior designers to create unique spaces. Homeowners can now possess the appearance of the rare woods, without there being any need to source and harvest trees for the purpose.

Of course, the latest trends in interior design suggest the growing popularity of industrial looks. Fortunately, laminate technology enables the printing of patterns and textures of various industrial surfaces. Laminates are thus truly versatile.

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