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Get to Know Our Recently Launched Luxury Wood Laminate Ranges

At Top Carpet and Floors, we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to innovative flooring trends in the industry. Established in 1988, we have spent decades building trust and rapport with our esteemed South African clientele. We make it a priority to consider our customers’ needs first with every service offering and each new product launch. It is for this reason that our latest luxury wood laminate launches are so noteworthy – they represent our commitment to providing each customer with exceptional products of high quality, seamless beauty and stand-out performance.

Why Luxury Wood Laminate Flooring is Here to Stay

Flooring is meant to be functional, practical and stylish. The degree to which each of these factors must feature comes down to personal preference and the space in which the flooring is installed. For years, wood laminates have been one of the products dominating the market, easily overtaking solutions such as hardwood floors. The reason for this is that they still offer the same natural look and feel as real wood, only at a fraction of the price. Many are also incredibly hardwearing and are used for both residential and commercial applications where durability is a prerequisite. Apart from how cost-friendly and tough wood laminate flooring is, it is also considered:

  • Much more environmentally friendly than hardwood floors
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Ideal for homes with pets and children
  • Hypo-allergenic because it does not trap dust
  • Termite-safe and will not harbour any termite infestations
  • Resistant to fading compared to many other types of flooring

Meet Our Exquisite New Commercial Range, Evolution

Luxury wood laminate flooring makes a statement – no matter where you choose to install it. Commercial-grade wood laminates are especially impressive in areas open to public access as they tend to give one the impression of high-style sophistication. Our latest launch in this department is the Evolution range, which is considered a heavy commercial product with the highest AC (Abrasion Class) rating, AC5. This means the products within this line are so durable that they can withstand high-traffic areas, whether this is in an office or workspace, or busier areas such as sales floors, showrooms, restaurants and educational institutions. The Evolution range offers a significantly thicker plank (with an HDF core board of 12 mm) that gives it the durability and strength to withstand immense wear.

Another draw of our Evolution range is that it features a water-resistance guarantee of three years, and fairs rather well when accidentally exposed to moisture that gets cleaned up. The 10-year commercial warranty and 20-year residential warranty means this innovative line will keep performing well for years to come. Our favourite advantage of the Evolution range of luxury wood laminates, of course, is how well it communicates opulence in any space. There are six, elegantly distinct hues from which to choose, and you are free to select a cooler or warmer shade based on your aesthetic needs. To view this range, click here.

Luxury Wood Laminate Ranges

Introduce Iconic Luxury to Any Room with Our Imagination Range

Our new Legacy Imagination luxury wood laminate launch is another exciting addition to the Top Carpets and Floors offering. As part of our Designer Collection, this product subverts the ordinary with its phenomenal benefits and exciting aesthetic appeal. With an AC4 rating, the Imagination range is suited to commercial settings with moderate traffic and works superbly in any home or office space.

In terms of design, the Imagination line was inspired by global female thought leaders who have carved out a legacy of creativity, courage and bold strength. The product names (Arden, Beyonce, Sandburg, Stewart, Walton, Williams, Winfrey and Wintour) pay homage to these powerful women and the distinct excellence they bring to their industries. Likewise, our Imagination range is also a cut above the rest with its ingenious qualities.

Superior water resistance is one such feature, as each product in the range boasts a waxed tongue on the locking system and an HDF core with a low thickness swelling rate (< 12%). This means that it is not easily impacted by moisture or liquid that may accidentally come into contact with its surface. As a highly stain-resistant option, the Imagination range is easy to clean up – even when it comes to those at-home mishaps that can occur with children and animals. The sealed surface ensures that dirt cannot penetrate or cling to the planks, which allows for ultra-easy cleaning and maintenance. Lastly, the Legacy Imagination range is anti-bacterial certified and has passed the international ISO22196:2011 test with > 99,9% efficacy. The available shades of the products add interest to any room with their hyper-realistic depth of design and striking hues that perfectly emphasise any interior decorator’s style. You can view this product here.

Our Expertise at Your Service

Here at Top Carpets and Floors, we bring you some of the most superb luxury wood laminates currently available in South Africa, and our affordability and stellar installation services stand testament to the fact that we are dedicated to offering each of our clients only the best.

If you would like more information on our Evolution or Imagination range of luxury wood laminates, be sure to get in touch over here

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