Laminate Flooring Is It!

August 3, 2017

Nostalgia is comforting. And what better way to embrace this than in your home décor when renovating? Did you know laminate flooring was invented in 1977? Talk about a comeback! The laminate flooring business is booming. With its exceptionally realistic designs and solid hardwood planks, laminate flooring has grown leaps and bounds in popularity, mainly due to its ease of maintenance, affordability, and the wide variety of styles available.

Hardwood flooring is the higher-end alternative. So, for many people, laminate flooring fits perfectly into their budget and delivers great results every time. And once your neighbours have seen it, they would have to admit that it looks like a real hardwood floor.

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, laminate flooring is definitely in the top five.

So, what’s (not) to love about laminate?

  • It is the go-to flooring option for residential use today.And it has benefited tremendously from modern technology, as today we are even able to replicate hand-scraped, reclaimed and vintage woods very realistically. Consumers are loving it.
  • It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between solid hardwood and laminate flooring. Designer laminates show the same stain, graining, and texture as hardwood.
  • It is versatile. Any room, any setting – the results will speak for themselves.
  • It is so easy to clean. Remember though, less is more when it comes to cleaning with water, rather use dry cleaning methods and don’t get them wet with specialised mopping products that don’t leave behind excessive water.
  • It continues to improve. In both performance and appearance, this is a here-to-stay trend in flooring and home improvement, and we can only be excited about the advancements yet to come.
  • It is difficult to choose which you love most. There are so many laminate flooring styles, your head will spin. These include embossed, high-gloss, and hand-scraped. The protection layer adds that extra tough finish to the floor, which keeps it looking realistic for a longer period. The hand-scraped look is very popular, especially in country settings; it has the natural worn look of hardwood.
  • It has everything. With laminate, you have the best of all worlds – it is of high-end design, offering premium quality and practical value.
  • It is the answer. Its affordability, durability, ease of installation, and easy maintenance make laminate flooring today’s high-tech answer to beautiful, timeless flooring. Consumers are impressed by the results and quality – and they are getting real bang for their buck. Flooring is a big deal when renovating your home but, with laminate, it needn’t be a big expense.

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