8 Reasons Why Laminates are So Popular Today

May 17, 2019

If you have recently moved into your new Cape Town home, or if you’re just renovating your current space, why not consider adding an element of luxury using laminate flooring?

Redecorating a home takes more than just a few scatter cushions and table runners – it means first starting with a canvas that acts as the basis for all other interior décor. While wall colour is one such canvas, people don’t often consider how important flooring is. The type of floor in your home can make or break the aesthetic you are trying to create and can totally throw off your plans to improve the look of your home. The trick is to find a type of flooring that suits your Cape Town home’s unique style, as well as your own lifestyle needs – and none are as versatile as laminates.

Laminates have become the staple, go-to flooring system for many South African homes, especially in the trendsetting city of Cape Town. Laminate flooring is a product made from multiple layers of synthetic material (with its core made from aggregated wood material with a photorealistic applique layer that looks like wood placed just beneath a protective wear layer) – the result is flooring that very closely resembles high-quality hardwood. The reason why laminates are so popular has to do with some of the following reasons:

  • Laminates are affordable. Real hardwood is not only expensive but costs a lot to install.
  • If you’re worried about how authentic it will look, high-quality laminates faithfully reproduce the look and depth of texture of real wood so well it’s almost impossible to tell it isn’t hardwood.
  • Installation is incredibly quick and easy because the boards snap together using a tongue and groove system that snap into each other.
  • Laminate flooring disassembles just as quickly as it’s put together. No glues or nails are used in the process which means that one can place laminates over virtually any surface.
  • Made from pressed wood, laminates have the advantage of being incredibly durable and resistant to damage. For busy Cape Town homes that experience a lot of wear and tear, laminates may be a far more suitable option.
  • An airtight locking system and non-porous surface layer mean that laminate boards are fairly water resistant, a feature that wooden flooring does not boast. Spills and moisture in areas like the kitchen don’t cause expensive water damage.
  • Cleaning is easy, requiring no more than a once-over with a damp cloth or mop.
  • A wide variety of designs means that you can create the ideal look for your home and replace it whenever you feel in the mood to follow a new trend.

If you live in Cape Town, why not pay one of our Cape Town branches a visit? Situated in areas like Milnerton, Tygerberg, Lansdowne and Montague Gardens, our Cape Town stores are guaranteed to offer premium products and incredible service. Get in touch with us at Top Carpets and Floors today for more information.

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