7 Reasons to Shop with Our Carpet Store

August 2, 2019

Wall-to-wall carpeting is more than just a product you install; carpeting in a space is the first point of reference that someone has about you when entering your house or business for the first time. Beautiful carpets communicate concepts like luxury, warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. No wonder most 5-star hotels make use of carpeting everywhere except for their bathrooms.

While redoing the floors in your entire home or business is not necessary, installing carpets in one or two rooms that receive a lot of guests or clients will make a good impression. For a carpet store that will help you achieve your ideal interior aesthetic, we at Top Carpets and Floors have a few great reasons why you should shop with us.

1.Our Long History

The story of our carpet store begins in 1988, where our brand formed to meet a growing gap in the market. Starting from a mere six members, our company has grown so significantly that we now execute over 200 000 flooring and blind installations every year. Working in the industry for over 30 years has given us valuable experience and know-how.

2.Our Commitment to Excellence

Our dream was never just to be an ordinary carpet store; we wanted to do business the right way. By building up a company that had its foundation in values like excellence, professionalism and transparency, we stood out amongst our competitors.

3.A Variety of Products

With a range of carpets, laminates, luxury vinyl and several other popular flooring solutions, our clientele knows that they can approach us with any of their flooring needs. Our sister brands, Commercial Flooring and Designer Blinds, also aim to provide a wide selection of excellent products.

4.A Passion for Serving Our Clients

As a client-centred carpet store, we do everything in our power to accommodate and cater to the needs of all our clients. We pay special attention to international décor trends, product quality, and the type of collections our South African customers prefer we stock.

5.We Serve Various Industries

Flooring solutions have their own set of difficulties when it comes to function and installation, but our carpet store stays up to date with new and dynamic product developments. Industries we serve include commercial settings, educational and medical institutions, as well as hospitality and facilities management.

6.Highly Trained Staff

In order to provide the best possible service to our clients across the country, we ensure that all our staff is capable and friendly. Professionalism drives us to improve our business practices and employee management continually.

7.Accessible Stores Throughout South Africa

With more than 130 stores countrywide (with several in each province), we provide South Africa with the opportunity to shop with us and experience for themselves what high quality, affordability and excellent service look like.

At Top Carpets and Floors, we would like to partner with you to transform your home or business. If style, innovation and high engineering standards are what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your nearest branch today.

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