The design options of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring make it a desirable material, but this flooring also has many properties that homeowners look for in their flooring. Extremely resistant to dents, moisture damage, heat and more, Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is perfect for those who want durable floors.

The ability to stand up against moisture is the chief difference between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. Moisture resistance, then, dictates areas where laminate flooring may or may not be installed. Vinyl flooring may be installed anywhere within the home. This is a tough choice as they look alike, both are economical and synthetic as well as durable. Consider these factors when making your final choice.


Laminates are thicker and provide more warmth and comfort.

1.5 mm for sheet vinyl to 5 mm for luxury vinyl tiles.

Foot Feel

Laminates are thicker and provide more warmth and comfort.

Sound Insulation

Laminates can be noisy due to a more hollow core than LVTs.



Some laminates are more waterproof than others.

Suitable for laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Easy Installation
Style Options

Stone, wood and tile look options.

Stone, wood and tile look options.

  • Poor
  • Acceptable
  • Excellent

Disclaimer: This matrix is merely a guideline of our products in general. Some of our carpets are less prone to staining due to their yarn component. Some laminates do have water resistant capabilities and a few of our LVT’s have insulation material on their backing to improve their noise factor. For these reasons we suggest you also consider the flooring guide icons and the maintenance guide for each product before making a final decision. Remember our trained sales professionals are available to assist you in making the right choice.