1. Use paper towels to soak up any excess residue.
2. Apply Mineral Turpentine (Must test first to ensure no effect on product)
3. Use a 50/50 solution of white vinegar & lukewarm water (NOT HOT). Apply with a soft sponge or spray. Leave for several minutes.
4. Rinse with fresh water and suction with wet & dry vacuum until all solutions are removed.
5. Alternatively/in addition to, use a teaspoon of ammonia and warm water; apply with a sponge/spray and leave for several minutes.
6. Repeat 4.
7. With any form of wet application, use a fan directly on the affected area to speed up drying.
8. Should a slight residue remain after the above then consider these additional options.

I. On a clean cloth apply Rubbing Alcohol or Trichloroethylene onto the affected area and rinse as per 6.
II. Apply 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and leave standing for 1 hour.
III. If none of the above works consult a professional carpet cleaner

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