What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Flooring for the Kitchen

Best Types of Flooring for the Kitchen

Seeking Flooring for the Kitchen? We’ll Help You with Some Trending Top Picks

Choosing flooring for the kitchen with a dash of trending personality and exceptional performance is possible now with our incredible range. If you’re here now, rest assured you’re in excellent hands with the Top Carpets and Floors team and have come to the right place. We’re here to be your personal, professional compass to guide and partner with you in navigating through some exciting and affordable kitchen flooring options that will breathe new life into your cooking space and add value to your beautiful home.

Types of Flooring for the Kitchen

What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Flooring for the Kitchen

Choosing the perfect flooring for your kitchen requires considering a few key factors to ensure you’re getting top-notch quality. You can also mix and match different flooring solutions for the sections of your kitchen and scullery, depending on your layout:

  • Durability: Kitchens are busy places, and you need floors that can handle the daily hustle and bustle, including everyone’s activities in the space, without showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Safety: Slips and falls are common in rooms prone to more moisture, so look for slip-resistant options that offer more underfoot grip to prevent unnecessary injuries and accidents.
  • Ease of Maintenance: If any area in the home is prone to spills and messes, it’s the kitchen. Pick your floors wisely and ensure they’re easy to clean, stain-resistant, and low maintenance.
  • Water Resistance: Kitchens have such high humidity levels that water resistance is necessary. Very few flooring options are entirely waterproof, but some products won’t warp and swell as quickly when exposed to moisture.
  • An outstanding warranty and guarantee: A reputable supplier like Top Carpets and Floors will offer you product and installation guarantees for added peace of mind. This is why a professional installation is always encouraged.
  • Comfort: If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make the experience enjoyable. Select flooring that is comfortable underfoot and has cushioning.

Types of Flooring for the Kitchen

When choosing flooring for this essential space in your home, you’ve got options aplenty. Wood laminates offer durability and versatility, with an authentic wood look minus all the hassle associated with natural hardwood planks. They’re easy to install, light on the budget, and great for high-traffic areas but be sure to select the water-resistant ranges.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) are perfect for kitchens, too, mimicking natural materials like wood and stone while offering enhanced water resistance and comfort. Vinyl is a versatile product for kitchens, and there are plenty of interesting ideas for choosing the right style.

For maximum toughness and water resistance, however, consider Luxury SPC Rigid board vinyl. This type of flooring is perfect for busy kitchens and features a sturdy design in various aesthetic options.Luxury Sheet Cushion Vinyl is an excellent option as it is comfortable underfoot and waterproof. It also comes in a range of designs and various widths which eliminates the need for joins.

Whatever your needs and the demands of your unique space, we have you – and your floors – covered. If you would like to explore our range, look at our Room Visualiser, where you can upload images of your kitchen and try some of our designs out. You can then contact us for quotes or pop into one of our nationwide branches to view our range of flooring for the kitchen in person.

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