Lattice White by Monn

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RUGS | A Rug with borders top and bottom featuring an ogee geometric structure.

Can also be used outdoors:Premium UV resistant materials protect the MONN flat woven rugs from the sun.

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Improved slip resistance: MONN Magic Grip, an innovative concept, adds slip resistance to MONN flat woven rugs once placed on a floor.

Support Local industry: MONN flat woven rugs are manufactured at our mill in Harrismith, South Africa.

Stain resistant 100% polypropylene: The superior stain resistant properties of polypropylene yarn  make these rugs a practical solution for most environments.

Cleaning made easy: The flat weave construction makes light work of keeping your rug clean. A light shake outdoors will dislodge most soil and dust. For the effective removal of more stubborn stains, use only water or alternatively,  water mixed with a  suitable mild cleaning agent.

Normal Textile tolerances apply.

Available in 5 Sizes:

80 x 200 cm | 80 x 300 cm | 160 x 240 cm | 200 x 300 cm| 240 x 340 cm