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Nothing can compare to the indulgent feeling of Solid Wood Floors underneath your bare feet. For decades, solid wood has been considered a luxury item to install in the home of office. This is due to its timeless elegance that is not dictated by fading fashion trends. A quality set of Solid Wooden Flooring will last you years to come.


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    Oak is one of the most popular species for hardwood flooring as it is a very hard, heavy, open-grained wood with prominent rings and large pores that allow it to stain well in any color.
    Finished in smooth or wire brushed which gives floors that aged, distressed look. Finoak is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses & surface finishes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Size: Various

    Style: Clear or Rustic

    Price Rating: High End

    Colour options: Please see Jax Oleum stains

    Each tree is unique and different parts of the same tree produce different surface textures and appearances. We import 3 grades of flooring Clear, Nature and Rustic. The Clear grade is selected from the fine grain wood found around the center core of the log where there are no knots, each tree produces fewer clear grade planks. Nature grade natural character has both dark and light variations with a visible increase in knots and pinholes. Rustic grade is manufactured from the outer parts of the core where branches attach and is full of character and visibly more knotty.

    Smooth planks are finished with a fine sand paper that closes the pores and grain. Smooth finishes are inclined to show dents and scratches. Best suited for use in sitting and formal dining areas with low foot traffic. Brushed planks are rough wire brushed with long strokes to accentuate the grain of the wood and leave the grain of the planks open to absorb the surface treatment and stain.

    Available in these options:

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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Heavy Residential

    Heavy Residential

    Medium commercial

    Medium commercial

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      Dear Customer

      There are numerous items that need to be considered when providing an actual quotation. The following are a couple of examples.

      • AREA: The size and shape of the installation has an effect on the amount of material required. Carpets come in a number of widths; e.g. 3.65 m and 4.00m. Depending on your measurements the wastage factor can vary quite substantially. Laminates and LVTs are also subject to different size planks and box sizes.
      • FLOOR CONDITION: Depending on your product of choice the level of the floor is very important. When installing Laminates or LVTs a maximum of 3mm variation is acceptable so one might be required to have the floor correctly conditioned; this includes moisture barriers. The removal of existing flooring might also be required.
      • UNDERLAY: As there are in excess of 10 different types of underlays, prices can vary substantially.
      • LABOUR: Should the installation take place in a high rise building as opposed to a ground floor property, this could affect the price as ease of access will determine the amount of staff and time required to complete the installation. The amount of furniture can also have a similar effect.
      • Areas like staircases are far more expensive than an open area.
      • GENERAL: As can be seen, numerous factors come into play in order to arrive at a price; therefore in order to do so its important that one of our consultants visit your site to provide you with proper advise and to prepare a proper free quotation.
      • Our COST ESTIMATOR is just a guideline so as to help you find a product that suits your budget. Should you wish to make use of this free facility kindly Click Here