What Is Float?

Float is the no-brainer way to pay with your credit card.

Buy bigger at Top Carpets and Floors and checkout with Float to split your payments over up to 4 months interest-free, fee-free monthly instalments using the available limit on your Visa or Mastercard credit card.

No interest or fees. No applications. No new debt. No-brainer.

Why Use Float?

How To Pay With Float?

It’s as quick and easy as a regular credit card purchase.
No sign-up required – just shopping joy on your terms.

How Float Works

At the time of purchase, Float temporarily “reserves” the full amount on your credit card, but only charges you the first interest-free instalment.

The remaining instalments are charged on the same day each month. In between each instalment, a new temporary “reserve” is placed for the outstanding balance, until your purchase is completely repaid.