25 Questions to Ask Before Buying Laminate Flooring

Before buying laminate flooring from your local supplier, you must understand the product. For this reason, we answer 25 common queries about wood laminates below.

1. What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a composite material made up of different layers that closely resembles real hardwood floors.

2. Why Choose This Solution?

Buying laminate flooring is a great option for families who want to liven up their home with various style options while still choosing a hardwearing solution. It also emulates the look and feel of wood without carrying the hefty price tag.

3. How Do the Planks Lock Together?

Some options are “click-lock” products, which means that they have interlocking grooves that fit together perfectly. Because they snap in place, it is not necessary to glue them down.

4. Is It Durable?

Buying laminate planks means you are investing in one of the toughest flooring solutions available. From small feet to paws, laminates can roll with the punches.

5. Which Rooms Benefit Most from Laminates?

This is a versatile solution that can be installed just about everywhere. Because laminates are made from composite wood, however, it is not usually recommended for rooms with a lot of moisture or humidity, such as bathrooms or washrooms.

6. Can It Be Installed on Stairs?

Laminates can be installed on stairs or anywhere you would install normal wood flooring.

7. Is an Underlay Necessary?

When buying laminate flooring, you may notice that some products already include a built-in underlay backing. Those that do not, however, will benefit from an underlay as it protects the product against moisture damage and makes it quieter and more comfortable underfoot.

8. Can It Be Installed over Carpeting?

While it is possible to install wood laminates over low pile carpeting, it is always recommended that the subfloor is well-prepared and is flat, dry, smooth and level.

9. What is a Floating Floor?

A floating floor solution is merely the installation style of the product when it is not glued, stapled or nailed down into a subfloor or underlay.

10. Are Heated Floors an Issue?

Floors with radiant heat can have most laminates safely installed above them. When buying a product, be sure to ask your supplier about options and underlay covers that are most suited to rooms with heated floors.

Buying Laminate Flooring

11. Is DIY Installation Recommended?

One perk of buying laminate flooring is that a do-it-yourself installation is possible. However, a job well done will likely look better and last much longer, so it is recommended that you let professionals assist you.

12. What Tools Are Used to Cut the Planks?

Both jigsaws and handsaws can be used to cut wood laminates. Angles and corners are trickier, however, so crosscut saws, plunger saws and table saws can be used as well. Using the right tools may be a challenge for many homeowners, which is why a professional installation might be more cost-effective.

13. In Which Direction Are the Planks Installed?

Your aesthetic preference is what counts the most here.

14. How Often Should the Wood Grain Patterns Repeat?

This depends upon the manufacturer, but most have repeat patterns every eight to 20 planks.

15. What Kind of Styles Can I Choose?

Laminates come in a wide spectrum of styles, colours and hues. Many suppliers will have available samples for you to view at home.

16. Is It Suitable for an Outdoor Installation?

They are not generally intended for outdoor use. It is recommended to keep them in a covered environment that is not exposed to the elements.

17. How Do I Clean It?

Cleaning up is easy, and a dry or damp microfibre mop can be used to remove any debris. Ensure to wipe spills and messes up quickly with a semi-dry cloth. Please refer to our How to care for your Laminates guide.

18. What Maintenance Techniques Should I Use?

Never use abrasive cleaning tools or harsh products on your wood laminates. Stick to buying laminate-friendly cleaners or simply a semi-dry mop to keep them spot-free.

19. Can I Repair Minor Scratches?

Provided scratches are not too deep, it is possible to repair them with specialised touch-up markers or wood wax.

20. What about Expansion and Contraction?

Laminate flooring is prone to expanding and contracting due to varying temperatures but installing them with an adequate expansion gap to accommodate this is essential.

21. What if One Plank Needs Replacing?

Individual planks can be replaced when needed. When buying laminates, be sure to purchase extra in the event you need replacements.

22. What Is the Cost of Laminate Flooring?

Buying laminate flooring is far more cost-effective than investing in hardwood floors. The quality of your product, as well as the preparation required for your subfloor, are both factors that will influence the price.

23. Is it Safe for People with Allergies?

As a hard surface, wood laminate flooring does not easily harbour or hide allergens such as dust, which may be beneficial to individuals who suffer from allergies.

24. Where Can I Buy Laminate Flooring in South Africa?

Top Carpets and Floors is a leading supplier of affordable, top-notch flooring solutions in the country, and we can assist you with a range of phenomenal products.

25. Where Can I Find a Professional Installer?

You can trust us to make quick work of your project, as well as offer a guarantee on all our domestic installations.

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