Affordable Carpets for Your Home

November 30, 2020

Looking for the Best Affordable Carpets for Your Home? Here It Is

The flooring choice used in a house plays a central role in the atmosphere in the space. It affects more than most of us may realise. It forms the look and feel of a room, provides warmth and comfort, and plays a crucial role in the living experience. Today, a myriad of flooring options exist in the market, many with significant benefits. Carpets, however, are still a mainstay for the family home, as they offer a level of comfort and convenience that not often matched by other flooring products.

The top benefits of carpets for home use include:

Comfort: Your home is your personal space, and comfort is a key factor in the lifestyle you experience. Carpeting provides a plush, comfortable underfoot to provide the lush comfort you deserve.

Warmth: Nobody enjoys walking on a cold floor, especially first thing when you get out of bed. Carpeting provides a nice, warm surface underfoot for that extra bit of indulgence.

Style: Carpeting design today is exceptional, and with the range of options available, there is bound to be an option that perfectly matches your taste and environment.

Family-friendly: Carpeting provides a soft surface, which is great for children’s playrooms. It’s also safer for older people, and even pets have an easier time on carpet floors than modern, smooth flooring counterparts.

Improved Features

Many of us have grown up with carpets in our home, and may have pre-existing opinions about them. It is worth noting, however, that modern carpeting has evolved with the times. Better manufacturing techniques and designs have eliminated many of the negative features some of us associate with carpets.

When choosing the floor surface for your home, it’s important that it meets your lifestyle requirements. This includes easy maintenance for busy households, and durability that can endure the spills and wear and tear that inevitably occur in a family home. After all, the flooring needs to last and look good for years. Modern carpeting delivers on these needs, and more.

The Designer Collection

As a leader in the local flooring market, Top Carpets and Floors has established strong relationships with top international suppliers to ensure you always get the best quality at a great price. The Designer Collection is our exclusive range of flooring products that offer you the best products out there at affordable rates.

Your first choice should be… First Choice carpets

For households wanting the most bang for their buck, the First Choice carpet in The Designer Collection is a perfect fit. It’s beautiful and can endure the demands of a busy home.

• No need to worry about stains

Accidents will happen, especially in a family home with kids and pets. The First Choice carpet is 100% PP Stainsafe, so you don’t have to worry about lasting stains.

• Get the colour you want

The First Choice range comes in seven gorgeous colours, ranging from tasteful, classic colours to bold, modern options–something for every room and every taste.

• Suitable for high traffic areas

This collection of carpets is suitable for medium residential use, meaning you don’t have to worry about durability. Even with kids and pets, and in high foot traffic areas, this carpet will continue to look great.

• Comfort for every room

The durability combined with the fact that this is a loop pile carpet, means that the First Choice carpet is equally suitable for bedrooms, living areas, stairs and hallways.

If you’re looking for top quality carpets for your home that are affordable, durable and look great, the First Choice range is ideal for you. Use the online Room Visualizer to get an idea of which colour suits your space best, or visit one of the more than 130 Top Carpets and Floors branches nationwide to see it in person.

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