4 Reasons Why You Should Install a Luxury Vinyl Floor

First impressions last. This is a fact that more and more home and business owners are becoming aware of. A visually pleasing environment is enough to draw customers in, relax a busy household after a long day, or even foster a creative atmosphere for budding artists. Remodelling a home or business is a formidable task, but getting advice on the right type of flooring does not need to be.

As most people know, the idea of redoing their floors leaves them hesitant to deal with sectioned-off areas of their personal space coupled with incessant hammering going on all day – and all this for weeks at a time. There are, however, options available for busy homes and businesses that need an affordable flooring solution – and one that is sure to last.

What is LVT?

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring (LVT) is a type of stiff tile that is formed by fusing several layers together (the primary component being PVC vinyl) under high heat and pressure. Unlike standard vinyl tiles, the “luxury” aspect refers to the fact that these tiles simulate natural elements like wood and stone. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (LVP) is another similar concept, except that instead of stiff tiles, it is made to resemble hardwood planks. While it may look similar, LVT is not to be confused with laminate or vinyl composite floors.

Below are 4 reasons to install a vinyl floor in your home or business.

  1. Economical Luxury

Stone tiles (made from materials like slate or marble) and hardwood floors (using wood like pine, maple and oak) look beautiful, but are generally expensive to buy, install and maintain. LVT flooring is one way to bring elements of nature into the home without the buyer’s remorse that can go along with paying so much. Even though this type of flooring is inexpensive, the latest technology in pattern design has ensured a final product with the same rich look and depth of real stone or wood.

  1. Underfoot Comfort

Unlike real hardwood or stone tiles, LVT floors feel softer and absorb more impact underfoot. This type of flooring is also great at muting loud sounds, like children and pets running about. Objects that fall on LVT floors suffer less damage. The insulation properties of LVT means your home stays warmer in the winter than it would with standard stone tiles.

  1. Easy Installation and Repair

For those who love to follow the latest trends, lifting LVT is much more time-efficient than hardwood planks or stone tiles. The cost of lifting and replacing damaged tiles is also significantly less than that of stone and wood.

  1. Persistent Durability

LVT is made with a transparent, protective layer over its surface (sometimes called the “wear layer”) which prevents fading of the tile’s design under heavy foot traffic. LVT flooring is not only resistant to scratches and scuff marks, but does not warp or wear when exposed to moisture either. Cleaning LVT floors is a breeze because they require no harsh chemicals or special treatment.

If luxury vinyl tile flooring is a solution you are looking into, why not contact Top Carpets and Floors to find out about some of the brands we recommend, as well as our current running promotions.

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